the Shananigans

  Irish, Scottish & East Coast Celtic Rock   

Meet the Shananigans

Chris: raised in a typical Irish/American household where music was always an important part of family and celebration. Chris followed in his father's footsteps and now provides the unique sound of the Irish "Squeezebox"  for the band. Chris has performed on stages in pubs and dance halls in Canada, the United States and Ireland. Currently residing in Canada  Chris re-established the Shananigans in 2008.

Aimee: with family roots in  Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  Aimee has excelled at many musical genres and plays more instruments then we ever knew she owned.  Aimee has a special place in her heart for Celtic music and her passion and skills light up the stage. Currently enrolled in school Aimee has big plans for her future and she comes and plays with Shananigans as often as her busy schedule will allow. Aimee originally joined our line up in 2011.

Robbie: Ontario born, Robbie believes himself to be a true Celt with roots in Nova Scotia, Ireland and Scotland and is an accomplished guitar, mandolin and bodhran player. He has even been known to sing on occasion. Robbie has been playing in rock and folk bands in the local bars and pubs of Ontario for many, many years.  Robbie played with the Shananigans in 2008-9 and rejoined the group in 2013 so he considers himself a Shananigan-agin!

Curtis: Born & raised in St. John's Newfoundland , Curtis is an accomplished singer, song-writer, bass and guitar player.  Curtis cut his teeth performing  in bands at the tender age of 12 in the many bars and pubs along  the famous George Street in his hometown.  Now  residing in Ontario, Curtis looks forward to getting in touch with his Celtic musical roots as the bands  bass player.  Curtis joined Shananigans in 2015